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Whatever you call it, we have it. Choose from a great selection of potent, pure poppers at unbeatable prices! We are Power Poppers, Europe's #1 poppers supplier.

Why Power Poppers?

Because when it comes to poppers, it really is all about power. And at Power Poppers, we make sure there is a lot of power packed into each bottle we sell.

For example, our Rush and Hardware are the real export-strength formulas (yes, there is a difference!). Our Jungle Juice is genuine amyl nitrite. And Rave poppers? Well, just try for yourself and see if that's the one to rave about!

We only carry the world's purest, most potent aromas -- you will find no off-brands or low-quality imitations here. We work closely with all the major poppers manufacturers and hand-pick the best there is. We thoroughly try & test each product to make sure it delivers the quality we have become so renowned for. We will never sell a brand we are not completely confident about.

Strength & power for less $$$

At Power Poppers, we also believe that quality does not need to come at a premium. We have always been completely committed to providing superior products for less than you would pay elsewhere.

How do we do it? Size matters! Power Poppers is Europe's #1 poppers supplier. Every day, we ship hundreds of bottles to retail customers in all corners of the world -- in addition to the thousands of bottles we ship in wholesale orders. Our business grows by about 15% every quarter. Quite simply, our large trading volume is the key to our low prices. Buy poppers >>

What are poppers, anyway?

New to poppers? Well, poppers is the popular name for the various alkyl nitrates. Go here for more poppers information >>

Special poppers offer

Amsterdam, Blue Boy, Manscent + FREE Reds!Buy three, get one FREE!
Buy one bottle each of Amsterdam, Blue Boy and Manscent and get a bottle of Reds poppers for FREE.

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(Offer ends July 31, 2024)

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Rush - World's top seller.
Rush Ultra Strong - Exclusive!
Pop'rs - The original.
Jungle Juice - #1 amyl.
Jungle Juice Blue - Soon!
Jungle Juice Platinum
Blue Boy - Popular.
Man Scent
Taiwan Blue
Iron Horse
Eagle - New!
Brown Bottle
Liquid Aroma
Locker Room
Rave - New!
Reds - New!
Nitro Supra
Maximum Impact

Captivate your senses with the world's most powerful poppers ever produced

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